Knights of the Iron Cross

A 16" x 20" full-color art print by author/historian/illustrator DON HOLLWAY

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The first weeks of 1943: the high water mark of Nazi Germany. The defeat at Stalingrad is not yet certain, and the subsequent retreat from Russia still in the future. Above the wintery Russian wastes the top three fighter aces of Jagdgeschwader (Fighter Group) 52 add another kill, an Ilyushin Il-2, to their eventual combined score of 928 confirmed victories, more than most Allied fighter groups in their entirety. Rall and Barkhorn are already experten with more than 100 kills each; young Hartmann is not yet even an ace. By war’s end these three, all survivors, will pull personal triumph from national defeat. They remain the top three fighter aces of all time.

Knights of the Iron Cross includes photos of the aces, their victory counts, and reproductions of their signatures. (These are not signed prints.) The art is presented on heavy paper, 20 inches wide by 16 inches high—a standard size suitable to a wide selection of inexpensive frames available at any good craft store or frame shop. (Obviously the watermark will not appear on your copy! The image will appear as at ). Upon purchase the art will immediately be custom-printed and shipped in a durable tube, arriving within a week or so of the order date.

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